A certain length of a uniform wire of resistance 12 ohm is bent into a circle and two points, a quarter of circumference apart ,are connected to a battery of EMF 4 volt and internal resistance 1 ohm find the current in the different parts of the circuit with diagram

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Let the length of the uniform wire be L.
The resistance per unit length of the wire will be 12/L
It is bent in the form of a circle of radius,r such that
 2πr=Lr = L2π
A battery is connected across two point separated by a quarter of the circle. So, across these two points there will be two parallel  resistances, one due to 1/4th length of the wire, R1 and the other due to 3/4th length of the wire, R2
R1=122πr×2πr4=3 ΩR2=122πr×34×2πr=9 ΩSo, R1R2 =R = 93+1=94Ω

Net current through the wire:

i = ER+r=494+1=1613A=1.23 ACurrent through R1 i.e., quarter length of the wirei1=912×1613A=1213=0.92 ACurrent through R2 i.e., quarter length of the wirei2=312×1.23=413=0.31 A

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