A clock loses 2 minutes every 8 hours. Alicia's mom plans to set the alarm at 11 p.m. on Saturday night to get Alicia up each morning. Alicia has to get up each day no later than 7 a.m. What time should his mom set the alarm to be sure that Alicia isn't late for school any day, Sunday through Thursday. Experts pls answer this quickly.

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2 minutes every 8 hours, so 6 min every day.



If Alicia's mum sets the alarm on Sunday night at 11:00 pm then Monday 7am is 8 hours

So the alarm will actually ring at 7:02

After 1 day on Tuesday morning it will ring at at 7:08 am

On wednesday, at 7:14

On Thursday, at 7:20

On Friday, at 7:26


So Alicia's mom will set the alarm for 7:00 - 26 min = 6:34 am on Sunday night

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