A Complex compound Co3+ with molecular formula CoClx.yNH3 gives a total of 3 ions when dissolved in water.How many Cl- ions satisfy both primary and secondary valencies in this complex?

There is something missing in the question.
You have not mentioned the total number of Cl atoms or number of NH3 ligands in complex. In such a case it is difficult to find out the number of Cl and NH3 in the complex that is bound as secondary valency.
If you mean the number of Cl- satisfying the primary as well as secondary valency is same then it can be solved like this :
Since the complex is giving total 3 ions it means it carry 2 of the chloride as the primary valency. Then 2 of the chlorine will also bound as secondary valency. The molecular formula of complex can be written as :
Here Co is also considered having coordination number of 6.
So,2 Cl- ions satisfy both primary and secondary valencies in this complex.

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