A conical tent is to accommodate 11 person.Each person must have 4m2of the space on the ground and 20m3of air to breath.Find the height of the cone.

Let the radius of the conical text be r and height be h.

Space on the ground in the tent = πr2

Volume of tent = Air needed for breathing

[From equation (1)]

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Space on the ground in the tent = Pie*r2 = 20m2

Let Pie*r2 be x.

Now, Volume of tent = Total air needed for breathing = Pie*r2*h = 11*4m3 = 44m3 = xh

So, Height = xh/x = Volume/groung area = 44m2/20m3 = 2.2m

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Sorry! The answer is 1/3*2.2m = 0.733m.  (Volume of cone = 1/3*Pie*r2*h)

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