A consumer buys 18 units of a good a price of Rs 9 per unit the elasticity of demand for the good is one how many units the consumer will buy at the price of Rs 10 per unit calculate

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Second explanation to this can be as follows
As Price elasticity of demand here is = 0, which means total expenditure remains contant
Current expenditure = Current no. of units X Current price per unit
                                 = 18 X 9
                                 = Rs. 162
As Expenditure Should be same 
Therefore, New quantity will be - 
Expenditure = New Quantity to be purchased X Price per unit
           162   = New Quantity to be purchased X 10
            162  = New Quantity to be purchased
           New Quantity to be purchased = 16 units ( as answer is 16.2 , but units can not be in decimals so it is to be rounded off.)

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