21.A contract was made to construct a vertical pillar at ahorizontal distance of 100m from a fixed point A was decidedthat angle of elevation of the top of the completed pillar fromthis point to be 600. The contractor finished the job by makingpillar such that angle of elevation of its top was 450(a) Find the height of the pillar to be increased as per the termsof the contract.(b) Contractor demands for the full payment for the work (i) isit justified (ii) which value he is lacking.

Let the horizontal distance BC=100 mIn ΔBDC,tan 450=BDBC1=BD100BD=100 mIn ΔABC,tan 600=ABBC3=AD+BD1003=AD+100100AD+100=100×3 AD+100=100×1.73AD=173-100AD=73 mHeight of the pillar as per the terms of the contract=173 mHeight of the constructed pillar=100 mThus, height to be increased=173-100=73 m(B) It is not justified if he takes full payment.(C) He is lacking honesty.

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