A contractor gets his supply of building materials from three firms A, B and C. He receives 35 truck load of stones and 14 truck load of sand from A, 30 truck load of stones and 8 truck load of sand from B and 29 truck load of stones and 9 truck load of sand from C. The stones cost Rs 1000 per truck and sand Rs 300 per truck. Using matrix multiplication find the amount received by each firm from the contractor.

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F135 trucks stone14 truck sandcost per truck for stones=Rs.1000cost per truck for sand=Rs.300total cost for F1=35×1000+14×300=Rs. 35000+4200=Rs. 39200F230 trucks stone8 truck sandcost per truck for stones=Rs.1000cost per truck for sand=Rs.300total cost for F1=30×1000+8×300=Rs. 30000+2400=Rs. 32400F329 trucks stone9 truck sandcost per truck for stones=Rs.1000cost per truck for sand=Rs.300total cost for F1=29×1000+9×300=Rs. 29000+2700=Rs. 31700

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