A cricket ball is thrown at a speed of 28m/s in a direction 30° above the horizontal. Calculate
  1. maximum height
  2. the time taken by the ball to return to the same level, and
  3. the horizontal distance from the thrower to the point where the ball returns to the same level.

1-The maximum height is given by,Hmax=(v sinθ)22g=(28 sin 300)22×9.8=14×142×9.8=10 m2-The time taken to return to the same level is2v sin θg=2×28×sin 3009.8=2×28×12×9.8=2.9 seconds3-The distance from the thrower to the point where the ball returns to the same level is,v2sin 2θg=28×28×sin 6009.8=69.3 m

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