a debate in favour of(education of a girl child is burden)

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how can we say that because we don't know that if we are burden on our parents or not?

only when we know about it we can say something about it.

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 "If u educate a man,u educate individual. If u educate a woman u educate entire family"
With these inspiring words I wnt to make you knw tht education of girl child is not a burden.
In our country people are not aware to women's right and they still think girls are less than boys. But unfortunately there has not been matching progress in the area of education of the girl child , or rural adult women. If all women get educated , then the problems like girl infanticide , dowry , child marriage and other related problems will be vanished frm our country.
If girls are not educated they have to dependent on her family bfore marriage , husbnd aftr marriage and children aftr the death of their spouse. So , if girls will be educated they will be no longer dependent on anone for anythng and they can do a lot for their uplifts.
Thus , let us start educating female child to change the face of the society...
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i strongly oppose this

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Following points can be taken into consideration while framing your debate:

In favour of the motion:

  • They are considered to be temporary property as they have to move to their husbands home after marriage, so it is not thought to be economically viable to spend on their education.

  • At the rate with which inflation rate is increasing leading to a decrease in the money value, it is very difficult for parents to afford quality education and a high standard of living. The competition has also become very tough. In such a difficult scenario, it seems just a huge wastage of resource to educate a girl when it is known that the ultimate result would be her staying back at home.

  • Most of the professional courses show a cut-throat competition and have very limited seats. Here, majority of the seats are occupied by girls who are supposedly more intelligent and hard working than boys. However, the scope for further education reaches a bottleneck where they quit their education or their job after their marriage.

Against the motion:

  • It is quite a mockery when we talk about necessity of education for girls and on the other hand talk about carrying forward India from a developing to a developed nation.

  • It is quite a well known fact that wisdom begins at home. Thus, it is very necessary for the women of the family to be refined and wise.

  • There should be concession in the fee of the girl children in schools to motivate the parents to get them educated. Leaders and other social workers should actively support education of girl child.

  • The nation's progress is visible through various famous instances of successful professionals such as Sushma Swaraj, Brinda Karat, Kiran Bedi, etc.

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