A defective education system is a major cause of unemployment in India. Explain. Also suggest one measure to eliminate this cause.

Off-course, yes! A defective education system is a major cause of unemployment in India. The following points elaborate the given statement.
  1. Due to inefficacy in the education system, India has failed to create vast and superior quality of human capital. This has led to rise in the number of literate unemployment.
  2. Lack of education infrastructure and schools have further exacerbated the situation. Particularly, in the rural areas, the number of schools is pretty lower than what actually is required. Further, students have to undertake long distance to commute. This along with many other reasons such as poverty, lack of awareness and infrastructure have increased the drop-out rates across all the levels of education.
  3. The prevailing education system has remained quite traditional. The education system has failed to develop human capital that best suits the needs of the industries. Consequently, there has been a constant rise in the number of literate unemployment over the years.
  4. The privatisation in the education sector and the mushroom growth of the private institutes over the last decade have further worsen the case. Except a handful of the private institutes, the majority remains nothing better than a well-architected building. Moreover, the exorbitant fees so charged by them and together with corruption element have led the education system inclined towards the upper income group only (at the cost of the low income group). This has left the low income group deprived of the entry in the higher education.
  5. The issues related to revamping of the education system and the vocationalisation of education have still not been addressed adequately. 
One of the most important talked-about measure to improve the education system is to moulding the education system as per the industrial needs. That is, â€‹vocationalisation of education. Besides this, there are many other yet important measures such as, control over the private players in the education, need of well-designed and impactful government policies, outreach of schools to the remote areas, etc. 

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