a device X is connected to an a.c source V=V0sinwt.the variation of voltage,current and power in one complete cycle is shown in the following.which curve shows power consumption over a full cycle?
identify the deviceX

where is the figure?
how can we tell?
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http://ask . learncbse . in / t/ a-device-x-is-connected/7515
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(i) A & (ii) Capacitor
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Can this be a inductor??
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Can anyone tell me answer for this question ?

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A cell B capacitor C power Capacitor leads EMF by pi/2
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Plz tell me the answer
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Answer people

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The device X is a capacitor
Curve A: Power consumed in the circuit
Curve B: Voltage
Curve C: Current (because current leads the voltage in capacitive circuit)
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