a dialouge between two friends about their hobbies

Sajal           :           Hello Lemon, good morning, what are you doing in this early morning.

Lemon          :           Very good morning. I am working in my garden.

Sajal           :           Oh! What a beautiful garden it is! Who helps you in your work?

Lemon          :           I myself have done this. It is my hobby.

Sajal           :           I think it’s not only a flower garden.

Lemon          :           You are right. There are two parts in my garden .in one part I have planted flowers and in another part I have cultivated vegetables.

Sajal            :           How long have you been doing this?

Lemon           :           For the last three years.

Sajal            :           How do you feel?

Lemon           :           This is a great source of joy and pleasure to me. It also makes my body strong and fit. May I ask you to tell me about your hobby?

Sajal            :           My hobby is fishing.

Lemon           :           It is really a very interesting thing.

Sajal            :           Of course. I get much pleasure from it. It also improves health. It also makes us patient.

Lemon           :           Oh! It is now time to go to school. See you again.

Sajal            :           All right see you again.

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