A disfigured or physically impaired person is hurt more by the callous attitude of the society rather than physical or mental pain. What measures can be taken to help the person to cope up with despair? Write your answer based on your understanding of ‘On the Face of It?

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Susan hill, the writer of the play is portraying the hindrance of the everyday life of physically challenged and impaired people. People who are suffering from such disabilities are often mistreated by the society. In this sense, the pain tolerated by the impaired person is more emotional than physical. In the play, Derry had a scar on his face which made him disfigured and as a result a subject of humiliation. The inconvenience caused by the physical impairment is less than the emotional isolation given by the society.

The disabled need support from friends and society in every sphere of his life. A cordial relationship, a smile often gives delight to the sore heart. The bright side of every suffering should be revealed to them so that the people with disabilities find respect and peace of mind where they dwell. 


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