(a) Dissolution of synaptonemal complex
(b) Formation of recombination nodules
(c) Condensation and coiling of chromatin fibres
(d) Alignment of bivalent chromosome on the equatonal plate
(e) Terminalisation of chiasmata
Select the correct sequence of events during meiosis-I
( 1 ) d c a b e ( 2 ) b c a e d ( 3 ) c b a e d ( 4 ) c d b e a

Dear student

Please refer the solution below for the said query

The correct option is (3). 

The correct sequence of events given in the question can be arranged as:

The first four steps are the stages of prophase I and last step refers to metaphase.

Prophase I

Condensation and coiling of chromatin fibres (Leptotene)
Formation of recombination nodules (Pachytene)
Dissolution of synaptonemal complex (Diplotene)
Termination of chiasmata (Diakinesis)

Allignment of bivalent chromosomes on equatorial place. 

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