Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

My mother

-mothers are regarded as god's gift to mankind, they are the creators and nurturers of life on earth, be it human or animal. My mother is one of amongst these beautiful kind who not only looks after me but also gives the courage to go through life and achieve all that I want

-mothers have so many different roles to play,that of a friend, philosopher,teacher, guide and troubleshooter and they play all these roles effortlessly and without any complaints

-a mother's job is a thankless job,she does her duty and that too lovingly but no one thanks her for it. But it is very important to acknowledge her contribution because she is indispensable in many more ways than one can imagine

-to a mother,no one is more important than her child,it is this selfless and unconditional love that restores our faith in humanity and makes us believe in the beauty and goodness of the world

-my mother is my confidante and a strict taskmaster,she inculcates the meaning of what is important in life and how to deal with things, not just in terms of education but life skills by setting an example

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