a) explain the property that prevents normal cells from becoming cancerous.

b) all normal cells have inherent characteristic of becoming cancerous. Explain

a)contact inhibitionb) All cells consists of proto-oncogens which under certain conditions undergo neoplasmic transformation to form cancerous cells.

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A)contact inhibition, controllable growth, genetic make up.

b)In normal cells, hundreds of genes intricately control the process of cell division and DNA repair. Normal growth requires a balance between the activity of those genes that promote cell proliferation and those that suppress it. It also relies on the activities of genes that signal when damaged cells should undergo apoptosis.

ys, all the cells have proto-oncogenes which upon gain of function mutations makes the cells cancerous. There are also tumor suppressor genes, which on lloss of function mutation makes the cells cancerous.
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Normal cells have contact inhibition property that prevents the normal cells from becoming cancerous cells
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