a few days ago, you stole a pancy pen of your elder brother, you felt exited to have it, but soon you realized you mistake, you began to feel guilty, you kept the pen back into her pocket of his shirt stealthly, that night you wrote a page of your diary..... write a diary entry in about 50 words recording how your conscience pricked you!

reply fast

Monday, 15 May 20xx.

9 PM

Dear Diary,

Today, I realised that our conscience always guides us towards the right path.

My brother was gifted a Parker pen by my dad for doing well in his exams. It was a shiny new pen that wrote beautifully! I felt
jealous and quietly stole it when my brother went out to play. The next day I bragged to my friends about it and felt excited about my new possession.

That night I felt very uneasy, the image of the pen kept swimming before my eyes. I was restless and could not sleep. Guilt was eating me inside and I finally decided to repent by returning the pen. Never again will I take anything that does not belong to me!


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