A few years ago Vijay Mallya bought Tipu Sultan's sword at an auction in London. Experts could you tell me that why should an indrustialist of this era be interested in buying Tipu Sultan's sword ????

  • Tipu Sultan is popularly known as ‘Tiger of Mysore’.
  • His most precious possession is his sword and dagger
  • He fought several successful battles with his Sword and it was considered more important and considered as priceless artifact due to its toughness of the nature of steel used in it.
  • It was made of Wootz steel which could rip enemy into pieces. 
  • It contained high carbon content iron ore which was most popularly used in 300 BC by blacksmiths in Telangana
  • Due to the remarkable presence of raw material the Sword possessed, it was considered as an important antique piece and hence, antique and artifacts collectors present worldwide would like to purchase them during auctions of ancient materials

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Because, he was inspired by the bravery of Tipu Sultan. His love for nation and heritage made him to buy this sword. In this way he tried to secure the Indian antique piece to be in India, and not in foreign mueseums.

Hope that helps!!...

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tipu sultans sword was said to be made up of a special metal and the sword was too lustrus.

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