A flask contains a mixture of compounds A&B .Both compounds decomposed by 1st order kinetics.The half lives are 54 minutes for A &18 minutes for B.If the concentrations of A & B are equal initially,how long will it take for the concentration of A to be 4 times that of B.

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Half life of A is 54 minutes and that of B is 18 minutes.if initial concentration of both A & B are equalso, AA2 54 minutesBB2 in 18 minutesB2B4 in another 18 minute or in 36 minutes from startB4B8 in another 18 minute or in 54 minutes from startnow after 54 minutes the concentration of A i.e A2is 4 times that of concentarion of B i.e. B8So the time reuired is 54 minutes when concentration of A is 4 times that of conc. of B.Regards

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