A force of 5 N gives a mass m1, an acceleration of 10 m s-2 and a mass m2, an acceleration of 20 m s-2. what acceleration would it give if both the masses were tied together?

Given values:
Force, F=5N,
Acceleration, a1= 10 ms-2 for mass= m1,
Acceleration, a2=20 ms-2 for mass= m2.
We know, F = ma
Using this relation:
  5 = m1×10
Or,   m1 = 0.50 kg.
 5 = m2×20
Or,   m2=0.25 kg.
For combine system i.e. M = m1+m2
    M = 0.50+0.25=0.75 kg
  Now, F= Ma
  a=6.67 ms-2 .
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