A frog with body temperature of 20centigrade is transferred to an area with 30crntigrade temperature.what will be the body temperature of frog in the new environment

Dear student,

Some animals maintain their body temperature within a narrow range.
There are two types of animals- Endotherms and Ectotherms.
Endotherms:- They use internal heat to maintain their body temperature. This internal temp. is independent of outside temperature.Examples include mammals and birds.
Ectotherms:-These organisms are not able to maintain their own body temp. so they depend on external environment. Example-snakes,amphibians,reptiles,fish.
So the frog's[as it is a amphibian] body temp. in the new environment would be 30 centigrade.


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I'm not a bio student but still
the body temperature of the  frog must get to the mean value (20+30)/2=25Cent.
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