A galvanometer of 100 ohm resistance gives full scale deflection for 10 mA current. To use it as an ammeter of 10 A range, the resistance of the shunt required is

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  • Resistance of the galvanometer, G = 100 ohm
  • Current for full deflection, Ig = 10 mA
In order to convert the galvanometer into an ammeter, a shunt, S, has to be connected in parallel. 
For making an ammeter of range 0 to 10 A, when a total current of 10 A flows through the circuit, 10mA current should flow through the galvanometer.
Current though the galvanometer,
 Ig=SG+S×I10×10-3=S100+S×10100+S=1000S999S=100S=100999=0.100 ohm


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