a gas expands a variable pressure given by P= 20(lt-atm)/V .during expansion from volume of 1 L to 10L, the gas undergoes a change in internal energy of 400 J. how much heat is absorbed by the gas during expansion.

Here, the change in internal energy (dU)=400 J and the gas expands from volume 1 L to 10 L.The variable pressure of the gas is given by P=20(L-atm)/V
Hence the amount of heat absorbed by the gas (dQ)=dU+PdV
           ‚Äč 400 J+∫11020L-atmVdV=400 J+(20 L-atm)110 dVV=400 J+(20 L-atm) ln10-ln1=400 J+(20 L-atm ) (2.303log10-0)=400 J+(20 L-atm) (2.303)=400 J+46.06 L-2.303 atm=(400+4670.03) J=5070.03 J

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