A geneticist isolates a gene for a specific traits under study, she also isolate the corresponding mRNA. Upon comparison, the mRNA is found to contain 1,000 fewer bases than the DNA sequence. Did the geneticist isolate the wrong DNA?

(a) Yes, mRNA is made from a DNA template and should be the same length as the gene sequence.
(b) Yes, the mRNA should contain more bases than the DNA sequence because bases flanking the gene are also transcribed.
(c) No, the final mRNA contains only exons, the introns were removed.
(d) No, the mRNA was partially degraded after it was transcribed.

Dear Student, 

No, the genetist did not isolate the wrong DNA. The mRNA contain fewer bases than the DNA sequence because during the maturation process of mRNA , so the splicing occurs in which the non coding regions i.e. introns are removed and exons are attached together. Hence , the correct option is C. 


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