(a)give an outline  of the strategy of development adopted by India and Pakistan after independence 
(b)what are 'liberty indicators' of development?


(a)This topic is explained in detail in our study material. You can refer to the same following the below mentioned link. 

https://www.meritnation.com/cbse/class11-commerce/studymaterial/economics/indian-economic-development/unit-ivcomparative-development-experiences-of-india-and-its-neighbours/442_2492_6410#slide1_Development Strategy of China, India and Pakistan

(b) Liberty Indicator may be defined as the measure of the extent of demographic participation in the social and political decision making. In other words, it is an index used to measure the participation of the people in taking decisions. Some examples of liberty indicators are the measures of the extent of the Constitutional Protection Rights given to the citizens and the extent of the Constitutional Protection of the independence of the Judiciary and Rule of Law. ‚Äč


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