A guide lines given to the state to make laws and policies for great economic and social reforms is called what

Directive Principles of State Policy are provision in the Part IV of the Constitution of India. They are meant to be the guidelines for the union and state governments in matters of legislation and policy-making as well as executive and judicial decision-making. The idea has been borrowed from the Irish Constitution and its objective is the achievement of a welfare state. While it is incumbent on the state to frame laws enforcing these guidelines, these are not enforceable in any court of law. The objectives of these guidelines are promotion of economic and social justice, upholding Gandhian ideals especially promotion of cottage industries, political and administrative reforms like Uniform Civil Code, preserving the environment, protecting the cultural heritage of country and promoting peace and security. Right to Education, which is now a law, till recently was also a part of the Directive Principles. Educational and economic upliftment of weaker sections of society shall also be strived to be achieved by the state to fulfil these guidelines. International peace and security and just and honourable relations between nations are also a part of these guidelines.

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