A. Identify the Simple, Complex and Compound sentence from the following sentences:
1. Our doors had been closed to him.
2. The factory was dedicated to the nation by the President.
3. Badri has been playing cricket since his childhood.
4. That virus causes various diseases is not a mystery any more.
5. Why should I alone do this task?
6. They did not help me at all.
7. It is Sunday today, therefore we will remain at home.
8. Pay attention to what your teacher is saying or you will miss important details.
9. Although Mr. Pandey is very rich, he lives a life full of misery.
10 It was getting dark however Ram reached home

need the correct answers for these

Dear student 

The answers are - 

1. Simple.
2. Simple.
3. Simple
4. Simple
5. Simple
6. Simple
7. Compound 
8. Compound
9. Complex
10. Compound


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i think you should see the answer via internet ok or refer to some book
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1. Him
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i dont no
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