a. In figure (i) given below, AOBC is a quadrant of a circle of radius 10m. Calculate the area of the shaded portion. Take pi equal to 3.14 and give your answer correct to 2 significant figures.

b.(given in the picture).

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(a) Since, AOBC is a quadrant of circle so AO is perpendicular to OB and AO= BO = 10.
 so, area of shaded region = area of quadrant of circle − area of triangle AOB


=> area od shaded region = 28.50 m sq.
(b) area of shaded region = area of quadrant of circle − area of triangle AOD
=πr24-12×b×h=22×7×77×4-12×7×4=77-282=492=24.50 cm sq.


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