A ladder has rungs 25 cm apart. (See figure). The rungs decrease uniformly in length from 45 cm at the bottom to 25 cm at the top. If the top and bottom rungs arem apart, what is the length of the wood required for the rungs?

in this question, pls tell me why we took number of rungs as 10+1=11. 250/25 = 10

wgy didn't we tae no. of rungs as 10. why we add 1

from the figure , we can see that if the length of the ladder is 25 cm, the number of rungs = 2
if the length of the ladder is 25*2 , the number of rungs = 2+1 = 3
since the distance between any two rungs = 25 cm
and the total length of the ladder =250 cm
the number of rungs (excluding the lower one )= 250/ 25 = 10
therefore total number of rungs = 10+1 = 11

hope this helps you

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