A Lane, 150m long & 9m wide is to be paved with bricks. each measuring 22.5cm by 7.5cm. Find the number of bricks required>

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Area of lane=Length×Breadth=150×9=1350 m2 .Area of brick=22.5×7.5=168.75 cm2=168.75100×100m2=0.016875 m2Number of bricks required=Area of laneArea of brick=13500.016875=1350×100000016875=80000 bricks .80000 bricks are required .
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 number of bricks needed = area of the lane/area of 1 brick

area of lane= l*b =150*9=1350m

now area of 1 brick=168.75 cm


and 1350m=1350*100=135000


so 800 bricks are needed

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a lane , 150 m long and 9 m wide , is to be paved with bricks, each measuring 22.5 cm by 7.5 cm find the number of bricks required
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