a laser used to weld detached retains emits light with a wavelength 652nm in pulses that are of 20ms duration. the average power during each pulse is 0.6W. the energy in each pulse and in a single photon are? (ans : 7.5 x 1016 eV, 1.9 eV) how to proceed with the sum pls explain.

(1)Power=EnergytimeEnergy in each pulse:               E=Pt                  =0.6×20×10-3                  =0.012 J                   =0.0121.6×10-19eV                    =7.5×1016 eV(2)Energy of a single photon:E=hcλ   =6.6×10-343×108652×10-9   =3.04×10-19 J   =3.04×10-191.6×10-19 eV   =1.9 eV

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