A letter lock consists of three rings each marked with 10 different letters. In how many ways it is possible to make an unsuccessful attempt to open the lock?

999 unsuccessful attempts can be made...there are totally 10 letters possible for each ring and there are 3 such rings...therefore totl no. of possible code is 10*10*10=1000;

out of 1000,only 1 code is correct...therefore 999 unsuccessful attempts are possible... 

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total there are 10*10*10 possibilities.

out of them one is correct.

so 999 unsuccessful attempts

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Why r there 1000 possibilities 10*10*10 plssss elaborate
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Pragya Nainwal.
Since there are 3 rings and each can have 10 different letters
1 Ring have 10 different letters
Therefore 3 Rings will have (10)^3 different letters.
Hope you will understand the explanation :-)
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Total number of possible codes= 10×10×10= 1000 Number of unsuccessful attempts= 1000- no of successful attempt And we know that number of successful attempt can only be one, then only lock will open So number of unsuccessful attempts= 1000-1 = 999 Ans✓
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