A magnet is allowed to fall through a metallic ring.During fall what will

be its acceleration? (Less than g)Can a choke coil can be used as a
step-up and step-down transformer.Justify

If the magnet falls vertically through a metallic ring, then the magnetic flux through the ring increases thus inducing an emf in the ring.  The induced emf will oppose the fall of the magnet and therefore the acceleration will be less than the acceleration due to gravity. 

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The acceleration will be less than g.

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During the fall of magnet through a metallic ring, the flux linked with ring changes inducing EMF in it. This induced emf opposes the cause of motion of magnet. i.e. It pushes the magnet in upward direction. Hence the acceleration magnet is less than g.

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 No a Single choke coil cannot be used as step up or step down transformer as there will be no phenomenon of mutual induction which is the guiding principle of transformer.

WE can make transformer with the help of two choke coils/inducitive coils for mutual induction to take place and hence accordingly control current.

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choke coil is not der in d syllabus.......don waste ur tym readin it

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