A man looked behind him in the dark alley . No one noticed that he just pick-pocketed a man`s pocket. He must spend it wisely. Ah! But what amount was in that purse ? He opened it . Hmm... let's see, a three hundred pound apiece some ,credit cards and what this ? He picked up a blue shiny thing. It looked like a locket. He wore it. ​
correct the paragraph. cor

Dear student 

Here are some corrections. The rest, which has not been mentioned is correct.

The man looked behind him in the dark alley - Since the opening is starting "in medias res", and because you have mentioned a specific dark alley, the article to be used here would be 'the'. 

No one noticed that he had just picked a man`s pocket - Repeating the word pocket twice is tautological and therefore redundant.

Hmm... let's see. A three hundred pound apiece, some credit cards and what this ? 


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