A man with blue eyes and black hair (homozygous for both characters) marries a woman with
black eyes and red hair. Black eyes (E) are dominant over blue eyes (e) and black hair (H) is dominant over red hair (h). Work out the probabilities of phenotypes of the children of this couple using punnett square method. 

The man with  blue eyes and black hair will have the genotype eeHH (as homozygous for both characters) while the woman with black eyes and red hair may have the genotype EEhh or Eehh. Let's first consider her to be EEhh. Then their progeny genotypes can be calculated as follows:
  Eh Eh
eH EeHh EeHh


Thus, all their progeny will have  black eyes and black hair. The probability of phenotypes of the progeny in second case can be worked out in a similar manner.

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female-Eehh /EEhh

for maximum possibility we took heterozygous condition of female

gamete form by man is only of one type i.e. eH
gamete form by female are of two type i.e. Eh and eh

f/m. eH eH

Eh. EeHh EeHh

eh eeHh eeHh

phenotype of EeHh -black eyes with black hair
phenotype of eeHh -blue eyes with black hair
if female is homozygous then all the children form have black eyes and black hair
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