A mixture contains tiny particles of three different substances X, Y and Z. They are of same size, shape and colour. X particles are heavy, insoluble and non-magnetic. Y particles are very light, insoluble and non-magnetic. Z particles are heavy and magnetic. Which of the following methods can be used to seperate X, Y and Z?

a. Winnowing followed by filtration.

b. Sieving followed by winnowing

c. Winnowing followed by magnetic seperation.

d. Hand Picking followed by magnetic seperation.


Option c is the correct answer.
Winnowing is a process to separate light and heavy particles by blowing a current of air.  The lighter particles are blown away while the heavy particles remain.  This process would separate out the lighter Y particles. 
As X particles as non-magnetic and Z are magnetic, magnetic separation is the best way to separate them.

Handpicking and sieving are not an option as all the three substances are of same size, shape and colour.
Filtration separates insoluble and soluble substances.

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