A mixture of 2 mole of CO and 1 mol of O2 is ignited .correct relationship is a ..delta H= delta U b...delta H greater than delta U c.... delta U greater than delta H

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The answer is c) delta U> deltaH. As the reaction between carbon monoxide and oxygen is the formation of carbon dioxide it will be a exothermic reaction( forming of bonds is always exothermic) And for exothermic reactiob delta H is negative And thus the answer.
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Delta H = delta U + delta n R T (delta n = change in gaseous moles) 2co (gas) + o2 (gas) = 2co2(gas). Delta n = 2-3 =-1. Hence delta u greater than delta h .
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2CO + O2--- 2CO2 Delta H =Delta ngRT Delta ng=no. of gaseous molecule of products-no.of gaseous molecule of the reactants & Delta E is Delta U So, Delta H=Delta U-1*RT Since we need to subtract something from Delta U thus, we conclude that Delta H is smaller than Delta U. Hope it helps🤗🤓 Plz like the answer if u r satisfied😇😇✌️
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delta H is smaller than delta U
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