A mixture of SO2 and O2 at 1 arm in the mole ratio 2:1 is passed through catalyst at 1170C at a rate sufficient for attainment of equilibrium. The existing gas suddenly chilled and analysed is found to contain 87% SO3 by volume. Calculate kp for the reaction SO2+1/2O2--->SO3

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Since mole fraction is pressure fraction,
Hence pressure of SO2 is 2/3 and pressure of O2 is 1/3

              SO2       +       12O2           SO3             23-x            13-x2               xAccording to question,x23-x+13-x2+x=0.87On solving we get x =0.60            
Putting the values in the expression of Kp

Kp = x23-x13-x212Putting the value of x calculated and solving,we get,Kp = 48.2 (atm)-0.5
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