a motor car is going due north at a speed of 50 km/h.it makes a 90 o left turn without changin its speed the change in velocity of the car is ?

(The bold letters represent vector quantities)

Initial velocity of the car is, v1 = 50 km/h towards north.

Final velocity of the car is, v2 = 50 km/h towards west.

Change in velocity, ∆v = v2v1

Magnitude of the change is,

|∆v| = (v22 + v12 – 2 v1 v2 cos900)1/2 = 70.71 km/h

The direction of this change is φ w.r.t the initial direction,

tan-1 (v2)/(-v1)

= tan-1 (-1)

= 1350

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