A network of resistors is connected to a 16 V battery with internal resistance 1 ohm as shown in the figure.
(a) Compute the equivalent resistance of the network.
(b) Obtain the voltage drops Vab and Vcd .

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Here in this case the equivalent resistance is ,Req=4×44+4+1+12×612+6+1=2+1+4+1=8 ΩNow the current across the circuit is ,I=VR=162=2 ASo the voltage drop across point A and B is ,VAB=2×4×44+4=4 VVoltage drop across point C and D is ,VCD=2×12×612+6=8 V

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Current = 2 A. V(ab)= 4 V and V(cd)= 8V
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Total resistance = 8 Ohm
Current = 2A
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