A neutral atom (Ar) is converted to (Ar+3) by the following process
Ar   - r E 1   Ar + - r E 2   Ar 2 +   - r E 3   Ar 3 +
The correct order of E1, E2 and E3 energies is
(1) E1 < E2 < E3              (2) E1 > E2 > E3            (3) E1 = E2 = E3             (4) E1 > E2 < E3

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The Ar ionization energy is the energy required to remoove from atom one mole of electrons with subsequent production of positivity charged ion of Argon.

Ar Ar++ e-
This process can be repeated many times and so energy cost also increased automatically. The general equation for this process will be-

Arn+Ar(n+1)+ e

so for the above  question: option 1 is correct


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