A new business complex is coming close to your friend's residence. This will be a multiplex including a movie hall, shopping arcade, restaurants, fast foods etc. All these become operational in about a years time. In the mean time to gather the support and cooperation of the residential colonies of the nearby a meeting is planned with the residents. You have just finished your chapter on the social responsibilities of business and have been invited to attend this meeting. What suggestions would you give them? Answer the question in about 200 words.

Hey Ameen,

The residents support can be gathered by informing them about the the merits of business complex. The following are the merits of business complex.
  1. The business complex provides wide variety of goods to consumers.
  2. It offers a high degree of convenience to the customers by making available a large variety of goods at one place.
  3. It operates at a very large scale and thus enjoy the benefits of economies of large scale
  4. It provides a wide variety of services to its customers.
  5. The establishment of business complex will provide employment opportunities to young and well educated people in the society.
  6. It will improve the standard of living of society by providing variety of goods.
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