A new method of grain storage involves the use of nitrogen gas. List three advantages of this method.

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Nitrogen gas is a poisonous gas which is used as pest control method with following advantages:
  • Nitrogen gas is effectively used to kill insects in grain through hypoxia. 
  • It is effective in killing of adult pets as well as larvae and unhatched eggs.
  • Passing of Nitrogen gas will result in Fumigation process which takes place in transit and therefore saves time and reduced handling costs.

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  Aaerobics water purification based on biological oxidation is primarily used for the removal of the organic fraction in wastewater. Besides the removal of this organic matter, such systems are also able to eliminate nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P). This can be done in active sludge systems as well as reactors with sludge as carrier. Increased nutrient removal is possible by modifying the configuration and the process.


Nitrogen is an essential generator of bacteria growth and will thus be used for the production of biomass. In proportion to COD removal, intake by bacteria is as follows: per 100 g of removed COD, one can expect between 3 and 5 g of nitrogen to be removed.

If a nitrogen concentration higher than the above amount is present in the wastewater, an alternative metabolism can be induced – namely dissimilative nitrogen removal. This is a combination of a nitrification step, where ammonium is converted into nitrate, and a denitrification step, which then reduces the nitrates to nitrogen gas.

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