A newspaper report to cover an accident involving a gas tanker on national highway passing through your city. It should involve
1. When and where accident took place.
2. What vehicle was involved and what gas it was carrying and what happened to it.
3. How accident affected the traffic and the nearby people - whether any loss of life/property has been caused.
4.What rescue operations were carried out and whether any police probe has been ordered.


Since this is creativity based question that can improve your writing skills, so we advise you to attempt it of your own. However, following few points might give you an idea of framing the answer after elaborating the same.

This refers to an accident that actually took place. 
  • Location and Time: Delhi-Jaipur Highway, near Beelpur village. 13th December, 2014. 
  • Vehicle: Gas Tanker carrying Butadiene, a flammable gas, was hit by another truck. 
  • Effect: The tanker exploded immediately hitting passing vehicles, as well as a nearby temple and a shop. 
  • Casualty: 10 charred to death, 12 injured, fire destroyed parts of temple and shop, huge traffic jam. 
  • Rescue operations: Supervised by Jaipur Collector and District Magistrate. 
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