A nichrome wire of resistivity 100 x 10-6 ohm metre and copper wire of resistivity 1.62 x 10-8 ohm metre of same length and same area of cross section are connected in series current is passed through them why does the nichrome wire gets heated first?

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As resisivity of Nichrome wire is greater than the resistivity of copper wire. So, it would have high resistance than that of copper wire and hence heat produced in Nichrome wire is more than that of copper wire as heat produced in a conductor when a current I is passed through it depends upon the value of  resistance of the conductor. Since resistance of Nichrome wire is greater, so it would get heated first.
In addition, nichrome is an alloy and as we know that alloys have much higher resistivity than that of metals.

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  1. from your question itself it is very clear that alloys(here nichrome ;costitutes are Ni, Cr, Mn, Fe) have greater resistivity than metals . since it has greater resistivity it produces more heat . it is used for making electrical heating devices like electric iron , toaster etc
  2. copper is a good conductor of electricity there for heat produced is very less.
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