a non conducting ring of radius 0.5 m carries a total charge of 1.11*10-10 C distributed non uniformly on it's circumference producing electric field E vector everywhere in the space . the value of the line integral ∫ -E. dl ( llower limit =infinity , upper limit = 0) (=0 being at the centre of the ring ) in volts is

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as we know that potential is dot product of electric field and displace. so in place of integrating we directly find the potential.
and potential is kq/r. by applying the value of k= 9*10and q=1.11*10-10c and r = 0.5 m we will get the answer 9.99/5 = +approx.
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answer is +2 in above question
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solution ?

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A non conducting ring of radius 0.5 matters carries of total charge 1.1 into 10 ^ - 10 coulombs distributed non-uniform on its circumference producing an electric field e everywhere in space the value of integral of E.dl volts
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Three charges + Q minus q and minus Q are kept at the vertices of an equilateral triangle of 10 centimetre side the potential at the midpoint in between minus q and + Q if Q is equal to 5 microcoulombs is
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Answer is 2V
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