A. Now write answers to the questions given below. Choose your answer from the options
given. (4 x1/2 = 2)
(i) Which among the following is the antonym of ?reluctantly??
A. fearfully
B. willingly
C. valiantly
D. indifferently
(ii) Compared to Uncle Wilbur, how does the narrator feel toward modern advancements?
A. resisting
B. accepting
C. uncertain
D. exhilarated
(iii)Which pair of words best describe how the narrator most likely feels about Uncle Wilbur?
A. annoyed and frustrated
B. respectful and amused
C. sad and indifferent
D. envious and distrustful
(iv)Which among the following phrases BEST describes the passage?
A. a character sketch
B. a factual research
C. a persuasive essay
D. a news article
B. Make notes based on the reading of the passage. Use abbreviations wherever necessary.
(Minimum 4) (4 Marks)
C. Write a summary of the passage. (Word limit - 80)

Dear student
i. willingly
ii. accepting
iii. sad and indifferent
iv. a character sketch

Kindly ask the remaining questions in  separate threads


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