A paragraph on school foundation day???

Dear Student, 
The following pointers will help you to furnish your essay:
  • Start your essay with what is foundation day that used to be celebrated in all schools.
  • Write the name of your school, the date of foundation day and include pints of the school’s history i.e. the beginning, how old is your school, the journey started with how many students and the current student strength of your school. Write about the teachers and non-teaching staff of the school and their immense dedication and support for what your school is in this current position. The academic growth, curriculum background, sports position etc.
  • Then write about the occasion ‘foundation day celebration in your school’. The speakers starting from president to teacher- in –charge and their descriptive statement about the school, its origin and history and today’s position, the cultural programme after that, the food arrangements etc.
  • Then conclude you experience and love for your school, your expectations and dedications and your promise to glorify your school as a responsible student.

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