A paragraph on The Day You Are Invisible

If by some magical feat, I would to become invisible, I would be extremely happy and make all my dreams come true. If i were invisible i would do such things i cant do when i am visible. If I were invisible I would enjoy the feeling of non-existence and escape from all cares and tensions of life. That would give me a long-desired opportunity to be away from the torments and tortures of the bitter realities of life.

Being invisible, I would have to the liberty to go anywhere. I would be able to see everything without anyone knows. Being invisible would give me all the perfect chance. I would walk unnoticed with the great dignitaries of my country. I would visit famous places and see all the wonders of the world. I would travel far and wide without paying a single penny. I would get rid of the humdrum of life and enjoy roaming around like a free, delighted bird.

If I would invisible I would help people and society. I would even strike my enemies to a position of definite advantage over them. I would sneak into the enemy camps with time bombs and destroy their arms dumps. Then I would disclose my identity and honored by my nation.

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