A person draws water from a5m deep well in a bucket of mass 2 kg of capacity 8 litre by a rope of mass 1kg. what is the total work done by the person?(assume g= 10 m/s2 )

a)550J b)525 J c)125J d)500J

 Mass of the empty bucket = 2 kg 

 Volume of the bucket = 8 litres 

 density = mass/ volume 

 mass = density x volume  = 1x8  = 8 kg 

 = mass of water in the bucket 

 Total mass of the bucket M = (8 + 2) kg = 10kg. 

Mass of rope=m=1kg


Now work done by person is given by,

W=MgH+mgH/2=(10 x 10 x5)+(1x 10 x 5)/2=500+25=525 J

Hence the correct option is (b) 525J

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